Dermaplaning-Dermaplan Facial

What exactly is a Dermaplane facial?

It may sound terrifying at first but bear with us. A Dermaplane facial involves the use of a sterile surgical scalpel blade that is run across the face in short strokes. What this does is removes dead skin cells and vellus hairs (peach fuzz). While a surgical scalpel blade is used, there’s no need to worry about this penetrating your skin as it is held at a 45 degree angle, simply intended for scraping the skin.


Who can perform Dermaplaning?

A Beauty Therapist who is trained to a level 3, semi-permanent makeup artist, a Dentist, Nurse or Doctor.

 Is it safe?

It is extremely safe when performed by a professionally trained technician. The dermaplaning technique is performed by using a specialised sterile surgical scalpel blade. Once the skin is properly prepped, the technician holds the skin tight and gently scrapes the blade at a 45-degree angle.

Once the vellous hair is removed will it grow back quicker?

No, this is physiologically impossible. The soft, fine villous hair will grow back slowly – usually in about 4 weeks, It is suggested to pull out any coarse hair before dermaplaning.

Can Dermaplaning cause the skin to bleed?

Yes, excessive scraping or nicks and cuts can cause bleeding. That is why it is very important to have a professional technician who has the correct tools to do this treatment.

What areas can be treated?

The treatment is to be only performed on the face. You should not Dermaplane the eyelids, neck or chest.

How often can this procedure be done?

Dermaplaning can be done every 3-4 weeks. Treating the skin in this manner removes about 2 – 3 weeks’ worth of dead skin cells. The technician should allow the skin to complete its normal skin cycle of approximately 30 days before repeating dermaplaning.

Can Dermaplaning be performed with a chemical peel?

Yes. Dermaplaning is an excellent way to prep the skin for a chemical peel, as long as the peel is not stronger than 15%.

Who can be treated?

All skin types can benefit from Dermaplaning. Even men can be treated over non-bearded areas only.

Is it painful?

Absolutely not, it’s surprisingly relaxing!

Here are some of the benefits of dermaplaning:

Removes Facial Hair

Although a dermaplane facial is not a hair removal technique, by using a scalpel blade it would more effectively remove vellus hair on the skin. This scalpel blade is much sharper than what you can typically purchase in stores, and by having a professional aesthetician take care of those problem areas you are much more likely to experience a better result.

Exfoliates Skin

While many people first consider getting a dermaplane facial as a pain-free method to hair removal, the dermaplane facial hosts many other benefits. And one of these is its ability to remove dead skin cells from the face. Unlike microdermabrasion and other exfoliation techniques, dermaplaning does not require any special chemicals and is non-abrasive. This makes it great for those with sensitive skin while leaving the skin looking naturally flawless and feeling smooth to the touch.

Anti-Aging Properties

First let’s deflate what exactly anti-aging is. In no way do anti-aging products and treatments reverse aging of the skin. What it does do is prevent any further damage, and help reduce the appearance of the effects damage has already done to the skin. This makes your skin look fresher and younger. With a dermaplane facial, you essentially shave off that entire top layer of dead skin, reducing the effects of fine lines, hyperpigmentation and acne scars. This makes the skin look more awake and revitalized, which gives you that younger appearance.


Many hair removal treatments as you probably already know are filled with frustration and pain. Whether you normally get your facial hair waxed or tweezed, or if you’ve considered getting it removed with lasers, the pain of hair removal is unnecessary. While a dermaplane facial may seem the scariest, it is actually the most harmless. It provides for a completely painless and surprisingly relaxing experience.

No Down Time

With many other treatments, your face may be beet red after, you fear leaving the house and you may be required to do some at-home maintenance. With a dermaplane facial, all you need to do is come in for your treatment and use a gentle facial cleanser after dermaplaning.

Makeup Goes on Smoothly

And from all these wonderful benefits comes how amazing your skin will look as well as how beautiful your makeup will look. Once you get a dermaplane facial, your makeup will easily glide over your now smooth and movie star quality skin.

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